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Theme:   BRAINWRECK A brain injury survivor illustrates methods that have helped her to embrace recovery. If you or anyone you know is dealing with trauma, Brainwreck is for you.  […]

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BRAINWRECK Vision … Long term we’d like to work with a team of people to make a daily workbook … someday!

Brainwreck:  Taking the Trauma Code to Another Level If something has happened or is happening with your brain, your mind, or you have experienced trauma of any kind, you have[…]

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Bionic Brain

Bionic Brain Trying to open her eyes was a real challenge for Chloé. Ever so slowly she scrunched her eyebrows and willed her pounding head to relent. She opened one[…]

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May Mutter’s — A Caged Mind

May’s Mission: to publish a coffee table book of concussion survivors like (Doug Smith & Candy Devine) body painted illustrating what a concussion is.

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Learn more about the role of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Prayer After Brain Injury

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What are you feeding your brain?

Find out what Ottawa’s own Nourished Potential has to teach you about behavioural change from a nutritional standpoint!

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Sleep Hygiene

Modern science informs that sleep flushes out harmful toxins that build up in the brain during the day – but how do you get more?

Guide to better sleep


Types of Trauma


Priorities of the Subconscious Brain



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